Talking about grief can be hard…
but it doesn’t have to be.


When my mom died, I realized that

grief can be hard af.

We all worry about what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. We can feel overwhelmed in our own grief, as well as overwhelmed by the grief of others.

In the months after my mom died, I went online to figure out how to answer the (many) questions I had as a person who was grieving, as well as a person supporting fam and friends through their loss.

I didn’t connect with lots of the resources out there - I didn’t want rainbows and doves and promises of everything being ok, because it definitely didn’t feel like it was going to be.

So I created this corner of the internet for a different kind of grief resource.


welcome to my site.

I wanted real advice to help myself. I wanted real advice about how to help others. And along the way, I wanted to laugh at some GIFs, feel angry, and hear from people willing to admit that this sh*t is complicated. So here is exactly that.

Whether you’ve recently lost a loved one or want to help a friend that’s grieving, my site is filled with resources to read, watch, listen to - to make you well-equipped and well-informed to have conversations you thought you couldn’t have.


What you’ll find here.


Fun, easily digestible reading full of real-life examples.

As a writer / editor for over ten years, I know that enjoyable reads can make the hardest experiences in life more relatable. So here you’ll find articles about the complexities of grief with insight from all kinds of research, life experience, and more. I answer questions like, “What can I do to help my friend who is grieving?” or “Do people really want 10 casseroles after someone dies?” (In short, “Lots!” and “Hell to the No.”)



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It covers ways we can learn to better support the people in our lives that are grieving. This includes (and is def not limited to): articles by me and other grief-obsessed writers, videos, podcasts, events, and Gifs. So. Many. Gifs.



A deeper dive into how to better support someone through their grief.

I’ve created a collection of e-books, checklists, and infographics that detail actionable, practical advice for providing grief support to a friend or family member. These resources are meant to be accessible for anyone and everyone, they just got a little deeper on specific topics and tactics.


Why are you here?

I’m grieving

I’m supporting

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“We study and prep for so many other things in life, grief should be one of them.”

Alica forneret

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