I’m Alica Forneret - a professional dedicated to creating new spaces for people to explore grief and grieving.

The bulk of my work focuses on how we can support each other through death-related loss and the grief sparked by (and before) end-of-life experiences. I am fiercely committed to making sure that our conversations about grief, death, and dying go beyond hospital rooms and funeral homes, and am excited to be contributing to how we handle grief in the workplace, in our personal relationships, and, most importantly, publicly. I currently work with an extensive network of international creatives, foundations, and wellness organizations, as collaborative partners for print, digital, and experiential grief work.

I am currently becoming certified as a Life Cycle Celebrant to help people celebrate both life and death. I am a council member on the BC Women’s Health Foundation’s Young Women Council (Vancouver, BC). And I am honoured to be part of lululemon’s inaugural lululemon Luminaries program cohort.

My written work has been featured on the pages of popular magazines and books, including (but not limited to) Modern Loss, Grief Dialogues, Vancouver Magazine, Loam, and Kinfolk. And my story and voice have been featured on CTV News, Grief Out Loud, InStyle, and more. You can find me writing my newsletter from coffee shops in Vancouver, running workshops with Reimagine in NYC, and hosting Death Over Dinner events across the United States and Canada.


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