Alica Forneret is a creative exploring grief, death, and dying through storytelling. With over 10 years of experience as an editor and writer, Alica's work has taken her all over the world—she's eaten, written, and traveled her way across Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. She now works with an extensive network of international writers and artists as collaborative partners for print and digital death-focused projects.

She has contributed as a writer and editor to international publications including Kinfolk MagazineSabor, Gather Journal, SAD Mag, and Modern Farmer



"Love this. Never a club you wanna be a part of...but if you are, you might as well have a badass design."
- Modern Loss Magazine (re:Dead Moms Club) 

"Dying is something every human does eventually. Doesn't make it suck any less, but what definitely doesn't suck are these pins Alica Forneret made." 

- Small Biz Triage & Unapologetically Human


(Link) Interview with Mud to Lotus podcast re:all things dead moms.

(Link) Interview with Unapologetically Human re:death mags & small biz

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Death Dialogues; Writer
Death Dialogues features interviews with professionals who deal with death, dying, and grieving in their work. From creatives to funeral directors to taxidermists—we talk about why and how they chose to spend their working life examining the afterlife.

Death Dialogues: Death Doula Merri-Lee Agar (link)
Death Dialogues: Artist Lee John Phillips (link)
Death Dialogues: Comedian Sean White (link)
Death Dialogues: Intuitive Grief Coach Rachel Ricketts (link)

Medium; Writer

How to help your friends with their loss (especially if you haven’t talked about it in a while)
5 “stages” I didn’t expect to deal with while grieving
Why I like talking about death over spicy pork and NFL games


SAD Mag; Contributor (2018)

Crow Pie Broadsheet; Editor-in-chief & founder (PDF clips)

The Kinfolk HomeEditorial Assistant (PDF clips)

NYT best-selling interiors book.

Kinfolk Magazine; Editorial Assistant (PDF clips)

Gather Journal; Contributor (PDF clips)

Remedy Quarterly; Contributor (PDF clips)

Ink Global: Mabuhay Magazine; Contributor (PDF clips)


(Link) A Glimpse Into The Ancient Practice of Water Witching, Modern Farmer

(Link) Black-owned Restaurant Month, Taste Talks

(Link) Food Book Fair 2016: Three Events You Can’t Miss, Taste Talks


(Link) Magnus Nilsson & Toby Rodriguez: Fjord to Bayou, Bone & Seed

(Link) Eating Nutria: Untamed Table, Bone & Seed

(Link) Oyster Purveyor: Murder Point Oysters, Bone & Seed

(Link) Pork Purveyor: Home Place Pastures, Bone & Seed

(Link) The Great Mukbang Experiment, The Runcible Spoon



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