mirrors in dreams

15 Meanings of Mirrors in Dreams

Feeling disturbed about the strange dreams you’ve been having? Are you having broken mirror dreams or creepy reflections staring at you in your dreams? Mirrors are known to represent luck, so many people that track their dreams take mirror dreams very seriously. There are a variety of explanations and beliefs about what a mirror dream … Read More

Dream About Your Own Death

Dream About Your Own Death: What Does It Mean?

One of the most unsettling things that can happen to you while you are sleeping is to have a dream about death, whether it be your own or the death of a loved one. Dreams that involve death may give you the impression of a bad omen, but you shouldn’t put too much weight on … Read More

dream about dog dying

What Does a Dream of A Dog Dying Mean?

Due to its unshakable devotion, affectionate nature, and ability to provide protection, the dog is widely regarded as one of the most prized of all domesticated animals. Dogs are said to be “man’s best friend” due to the fact that they give their owners with companionship and emotional support by remaining by their side at … Read More

Dream About Friend Dying

Dream About a Friend Dying: What Does It Mean?

Dreams about friends’ death can stir up a wide range of emotions. While these dreams might have varying meanings, you can always learn a lot from the feelings they leave behind. Despite its upsetting nature, a dream of someone dying is not uncommon, and it has nothing to do with literal death. So, don’t freak … Read More

color yellow in dreams

What Does the Color Yellow Mean in Dreams?

Colors are significant in dreams, and you shouldn’t ignore them. The color yellow isn’t different and should be treated as such. If this color appears in your dream repeatedly, it’s more reason to give it attention. Yellow has strong symbolism and is not just a random dream. That said, what does seeing yellow in your … Read More

dream about clouds

Dream About Clouds Meaning: 12 Scenarios

Many people have mentioned dreaming of clouds in the past and still do today. Clouds represent your thoughts and emotions. They’re a reflection of your present state in real life and can give you answers to your puzzling questions. These dreams have various interpretations but finding the real meaning is essential. Depending on the elements, … Read More

Dreaming of Dead Father

Dreaming of Dead Father: Meaning & Interpretation

Fathers play an essential role in the upbringing of children. They are often associated with providing support, guidance, love, protection, and even criticism. Like mothers, fathers in dreams can embody several meanings. However, the interpretation of the dream will heavily depend on the relationship you have with your father, your relationship with other father figures, … Read More

Dream About Killing Someone

Dream About Killing Someone: What Does it Mean?

Did you dream about killing someone or someone getting killed? Dreams about murder are so harrowing that they can leave a person shaken even many days after the event that inspired the dream. After all, the vast majority of people do not want to be linked in any way to a horrific passing. Why then … Read More

dreaming of dead relatives

Dreaming of Dead Relatives Meaning

Sometimes deceased relatives appear in our dreams, but what does it mean when they visit? What do they want? Well, we will answer these and other questions you might have about dead relative dreams in this post. Usually, dreams about dead family members can feel scary and downright unsettling. But it’s quite normal to experience … Read More

Flood Dream Meaning

Flood Dream Meaning: Significance and Interpretation

Floods happen, and seeing them, in reality, will be no surprise, especially during the wet season. On the other hand, dreaming of floods can raise the hairs on your neck. Nobody wants to experience this disaster in real life because floods destroy lives and properties. However, does seeing a flood in the dream indeed spell … Read More