dream in jail

What is the Meaning of Dream About Jail?

For some, a dream in which one is already in jail or in which one is being taken to jail can be quite unsettling. It can often lead people shaken to their core. But it does not actually mean that you will soon find yourself in an actual prison. Even if having a dream in … Read More

dream about roaches

What Does Dreaming of Cockroaches Mean?

Is it just me, or does the mere mention of the term “cockroach” cause the hair on the back of our necks to stand on end? This should not come as a surprise given that these insects are virtually synonymous with filth and grime! It’s not surprisingly odd to dream about cockroaches, but that doesn’t … Read More

dreams about waves

What Is the Meaning of Dream About Waves?

Dreams about waves are considered frightful, especially for someone who is water phobic, but such dreams carry an important message about your life that should not be ignored. The dream could have a positive meaning, or it could be a warning to alert you about an important life event that is coming up in the … Read More

Dreaming of a New Car

Dreaming of a New Car Meaning and Symbolism

Many people have dreams of owning a new car. Dreams can be about anything – a new house, a trip to an exotic location, or in this case, a brand-new vehicle. For some people, the dream of a new car may be just that, but for others, it may be something they are working towards. … Read More

dreaming of someone giving you money

Dream of Someone Giving You Money Meaning

Money symbolizes prosperity, affluence, success, and plenty, whether in reality or dreams. Money-related dreams almost seldom carry troubling connotations that you should be concerned about. However, some money dreams could be strange and leave us confused when we wake up. There’s another context you should look at. Receiving cash in your dream may also represent … Read More

dreams about ghosts

Dreams About Ghosts Meaning: 13 Scenarios

Ghosts have been described in a variety of ways, from hazy outlines to actual bodies, and if you haven’t experienced a ghost dream yet, there’s a strong possibility you will in the future. This is due to the fact that ‘Visitation Dreams’ which often involve encounters with a ghost or spirit are highly common. Since … Read More

Lion in Dream

What Do Lions in Dreams Mean?

What comes to your mind when you think of a lion? A ferocious beast that roams the African Savannah and the wild regions of India, right? For centuries, people have been obsessed with these beasts, measuring themselves against them. What’s more, many ancient cultures depicted lions as demigods and guardian spirits. They are also a … Read More

black cat dream

Black Cat Dream Meaning and Interpretation

“I love the silent hour of the night, for blissful dreams may then arise.” – Anne Brontë. Animals in our dream symbolize our emotions and the way we express them. Since animals react spontaneously without any restriction, an animal in your dream represents that your innate urges are surfacing breaking away from your conscious controls. … Read More

Dream About Tsunami

Dream About Tsunami: What Does It Mean?

A tsunami is a powerful natural occurrence capable of wiping away an entire town, brick and all. It is a terrifying event to watch or go through, likewise dreams about them. A dream about a tsunami can have several interpretations depending on the events in the dream. But one thing is common, tsunami dreams indicate … Read More

Dream About Having a Baby Girl

Dream About Having a Baby Girl Meaning

Did you dream of having a baby girl? A dream about having a baby girl can evoke powerful emotions. Some people may experience intense feelings of happiness and excitement. Others might feel overwhelmed or nervous. Regardless, such dreams are not uncommon, especially for pregnant women. But if you’re not expectant, you probably want to understand … Read More