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fish dream meaning

What Does It Mean When Dream About Fish?

Dreams about fish might seem random. But surprisingly, they are not! Like many images that appear in the ocean of your subconscious mind, fish could stand for several things that hint at emotional life, and physical and spiritual alignment. Fish dreams are usually interesting. One minute you’re at sea catching the biggest fish, the next … Read More

dream about dead cats

Dream About Dead Cats: Meaning & Interpretation

A dead cat is always considered a bad omen in real life. It is trying to tell that something bad is coming your way. It indicates negative energy and bad luck. Are you dreaming about dead cats recently? So, what exactly does a dead cat in your dream mean? In this guide, I will share … Read More

Dream About Sister Dying

Dream About Sister Dying: What Does it Mean?

Sisters are oftentimes the people that influence our lives the most. They’re the ones we share childhood memories and grow up with. Sisters are people who know us better than anyone, and whom we share a bond with unlike any other. Dreaming about a sister dying can leave us feeling upset, stressed, and anxious when … Read More

dream about snakes

What Does Dreaming About Snakes Mean?

Did you know? There’s a group of people who have an extreme fear of snakes, a condition known as ophidiophobia. Most of us tend to steer clear of snakes because of their poisonous natures. However, as much as this species elicits fear, they embody several connotations, whether positive or negative. That’s true, especially if they … Read More

dream about parent dying

Dreams About Your Parent Dying Meaning

Dreams of parents dying are not the best dreams to have. They might leave you scared to the bone. Sometimes, you may even wake up sweating in the middle of the night. But why are you having such a dream? Is it a warning? Are your parents in danger? Well, dreams of a parent dying … Read More

Dream of Dead Grandmother

Dream of Dead Grandmother Meaning

If you’ve recently dreamt of your dead grandmother, you can’t help but wonder what the dream means. Despite being common, dreams of dead loved ones or relatives are very unsettling. They can leave you shaken and scared, mostly because of the fear and mystery that surround death in most cultures. What’s even more frustrating, it’s … Read More

dream about shoes meaning

Dream About Shoes Meaning and Interpretation

Having a good pair of shoes is extremely important. It helps in absorbing the impact when we walk. Study shows that shoes with great cushions help in improving your performance. It aids in the overall health of the wearer. By considering the function of the shoes, it will be easier for you to understand the … Read More

dreams about dog poop

Dreaming of Dog Poop Meaning and Interpretation

Dog poop in our dream could be one of the disturbing and disgusting scenarios that you will come across in your dream. Seeing this would not be very pleasant, whether in the dreamland or waking life. Nonetheless, dreaming of dog poop may have different meanings. Usually, this is a sign that your life will go … Read More

dream counting money

Dream of Counting Money Meaning and Interpretation

As we frequently remark, dreams are an extension of real situations that our minds create while we are awake and translate into symbols and images that are frequently highly distinctive and unlikely to occur to us in the real world. Money in a dream has several interpretations, all of which have a deep meaning and … Read More

dog bite dream

Dog Bite Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Animals in dreams can give us valuable information about our unconscious dynamics. Dogs carry a universal symbolism, as they are considered the human’s best friend. They are one of the first domesticated species and fail to disappoint us even today. Dogs are symbolic of loyalty, selflessness, and dedication. They are intelligent and can suppress their … Read More