When my mom died, I was told that I'd joined a club—one we'll all be a part of one day, but one that some of us join a little early.

The Dead Moms Club.

What’s the club?

I've learned about other people in The Club through different means: conversations that I start about my own mom, conversations that other people about their loss. Facebook, Instagram, dinner parties, grief groups, and networking.


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I'm coming up on the two-year anniversary of my mom's death and I'm overflowing with feels. Part of my cup is full of sadness, of course, but the other part is fuuull of motivation. I have been so lucky to spend the last few years getting to know special people who are in this Club with me, and it's been what gets me through shitty stretches like the holidays, anniversaries, etc. (okay... all the days).

In honour of all the *amazing* people who have helped me through my grief, I'm collecting and sharing stories about all y'all's mamas. 

In the below form, I welcome you to submit your story, quotes, recipes—whatever you want to share about you, your mom, and your life before and after her death. Fill in as little or as much as you want! I'm down to feature you and your mom in whatever way you want to be featured. I’ll be sharing stories on my site and insta.

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I f'ing love talking about my mom. She was an artist, a proud Canadian, and the kind of mother who loved to encourage me and my sister to do whatever the hell we wanted to if it involved the arts, animals, or following our passions. What was your mom like? Tell deets, stories, memories, or whatever you love to share about her.