Is your mom dead?

So is mine.

These pins are for everyone in The Club. People of all ages, all genders, all backgrounds. People at all stages of their grief—fresh or deep into their journey. A friend, a family member, and maybe even your own mother.

When my mom died, I was told that I'd joined a club—one we'll all be a part of one day, but one that some of us join a little early.

The Dead Moms Club.

I've learned about other people in The Club through different means: conversations that I start about my own mom, conversations that other people about their loss. Facebook, Instagram, dinner parties, grief groups, and networking.

These pins were inspired by my own desire to connect with more people in The Club—not only through our voices and the strength it takes to talk about a loved one lost, but also those moments when we just need the reminder that there are more people out there silently face-palming themselves through tears on Mother's Day.


About me: Alica is a creative exploring grief, death, and dying through storytelling. With over 10 years of experience as an editor and writer, Alica's work has taken her all over the world and she now works with an extensive network of international writers and artists as collaborative partners for print and digital death-focused projects.

About the designer: Evan Papa is a graphic designer, creative thinker and overall nice guy. Most of his career has been spent in branding, developing a particular expertise in digital, print and logo development. In addition to graphic design he is also trained in the dark arts of art direction, retouching and photography.