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Motherless Mother's Day (Vancouver 2019)

When our moms die, many of us are told that we've joined a club - The Dead Moms Club. It’s one that we all join one day - some of just join early.

Being in that club and navigating grief alone is isolating, so join us for Motherless Mother's Day 2019!

We'll spend the evening commemorating our mamas, celebrating ourselves, and taking a break from the ~anticipatory grief~ that builds the closer we get to Mother's Day weekend.

**If your mama hasn't died, please leave tickets for those who are "part of the club"! But please pass along to your motherless friends and fam**


Event details

- 1 full hour of yoga with Feelosophy

- An intimate, customized journaling sesh with Pen to Paper (@_pen_to_paper)

- Custom candle making workshop with Homecoming (@shophomecoming)

- Local sips and snacks from Juice Truck, Woash Wellness, Zimt Chocolates, Nelson the Seagull, + more

- A special edition chocolate from Purdys Chocolatier, made just for us

+ more!

Note: This is NOT a support group or grief therapy, but rather an opportunity for people that experienced similar loss to ~chill~ together and enjoy a night of activities leading up to one of the hardest days of the year.

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Tickets are limited, so get yours soon <3 Early bird tickets on sale until April 15!

Money should not be a barrier to access this event - please contact me if you have questions about ticketing <3

If you're interested in sponsoring tickets for motherless humans that can't afford to attend, please email me:

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More about your host

I'm Alica Forneret, a professional creating digital resources and in-person workshops that help people embrace their grief. I've done grief work in Vancouver, Seattle, and NYC and am stoked to bring this work to my local VanCity community.

Learn more about my work here: //

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Unfortunately, the venue's wheelchair accessibility is limited due to a broken elevator. I'm keeping up to date on the maintenance and am happy to contact anyone interested in receiving those updates

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So many thanks to:

Our host venue Werklab Inc. for being open to this concept!

Our buds that'll be joining us from lululemon Vancouver!

The active listeners that'll be holding space!

And all of the other badass local business donating goods for all attendees to take home <3 <3 <3