I can't make it better...

but I can make you dinner


I’m collecting recipes for people who want to help their friends, family, and coworkers eat their way through grief with good food.

When my mom died, people brought over TONS of the two things that are easiest to bring last minute: casseroles and booze.

Eventually, those things aren't all you need (though I feel like double whiskeys, enchiladas, and Gilmore Girls did a great job of getting me through those first few weeks) and it becomes important to help the grieving in different ways. 

Here’s a few categories your contributed recipe can fit into: 

  • Recipes that people can cook for a grieving friend

  • Cocktail recipes for grieving people (I'm not shying away from booze — anything fun, themed, or healing is welcome)

  • Recipes from a person in your family/circle that has died