SleepPilot: Track snoring, dreaming stages

What is Sleep Pilot: A Smart Sleep Tracker

SleepPilot is a mobile app we developed that uses the latest sleep science technology to help individuals improve their sleep quality by providing personalized recommendations based on sleep data.

SleepPilot uses advanced algorithms to analyze sounds, dreaming patterns, body movement, and sleep cycles to track sleep patterns and provide users with insights into their sleep quality.

How Sleep Pilot Improves Sleep

Sleep Pilot: Smart Sleep Tracker

By using your smartphone’s microphone, SleepPilot detects & records sleeping sounds like snoring, sleep talk, and coughing. Our advanced algorithm can then use these sounds to measure sleep duration, sleep regularity, REM sleep, snoring, sleep talking, and body movements.

This data is then used to curate a set of personalized insights to optimize your sleep quality. A report is also curated from the data to give you an in-depth look into your sleep sounds & patterns to help track your progress.

Derive More Meaning from Your Dreams

Apart from sleep tracking, Sleep Pilot also helps you track your dreams.

The Late-Night Dream Tracker monitors your sleep patterns to show you when you are dreaming and what happens during that time. By tracking your sleep talking, you easily optimize your sleeping patterns to get better insights from your dreams. 

Wake up At the Optimal Time

The Smart Alarm Clock is another nifty feature that ensures you never wake up tired again. It helps you set the alarm to gently wake you up at the perfect point in your sleep cycle so you feel more alert and energetic.  

Improve Your Sleeping Habits(Coming Soon)

Sleep Pilot also will feature sleep coaching, relaxing sounds, ambient noise, and bedtime reminders, which help users establish healthy sleep habits. 

By using SleepPilot, you get to profit from the expertise of the world’s leading professionals in sleep science, machine learning, and psychology. Backed by science, SleepPilot will allow you to understand your sleep patterns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to improve your sleep quality.